As time moves forward, Royals Contracting gets more and more involved with Recycling efforts. Since starting in the Milling business 10 years ago, we have found more and more ways to reuse and recycle millings (ground up asphalt). Some of these uses are as follows:

  1. Used in lieu of stone base in undercuts.
  2. Milled and left in place to stabilize sub-grades.
  3. Millings taken to asphalt plants to be recycled into new asphalt mixes.
  4. In Deeper milling operations , we separate the asphalt from stone base and reuse both for different applications.
  5. Often pure asphalt millings are placed on gravel driveways and will re-harden with traffic and stabilize.

Obviously, cost savings are experienced when we can mill up asphalt and send to a local asphalt plant for recycling. This saves from purchasing aggregates and tar for the new mixes. We also experience tremendous cost savings when we mill and leave materials in place for sub-grade stabilization. This saves purchasing additional aggregates for stabilization. Asphalt mixes today incorporate anywhere from 20% to 50% RAP (Recycled Asphalt product).

Concrete is another recyclable product in that when we remove and replace failed concrete driveways and roadways, the broken concrete is hauled to various locations and crushed. Some areas have crushed concrete to a size that is reusable in lieu of Crusher Run Stone. Crushed Concrete is also a great material to use as a back-fill material in undercuts.

I would encourage you, as you travel the Triangle area to notice the stockpiles at all the area Asphalt Plants of RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product). Most area concrete plants also have substantial stockpiles of Crushed Concrete. We continue to strive to incorporate more and more recycling efforts into our day to day activities.