Royals has been paving since our inception in 1995. There are basically two types of paving:

  • Resurfacing –  The installation and compaction of various thicknesses of asphalt over an existing asphalt surface. This method requires a thorough cleaning of the existing surface and a Tack Coat to bond the new asphalt to the old.
  • New Installation – This installation and compaction of various thicknesses of asphalt over a prepared aggregate base course or soil subgrade. In this method , the asphalt will only be as good as the base course . If the base has any weak or yielding areas, the asphalt will not support itself.

Asphalt is made up of various sized aggregates, sand or screenings, and AC-20 ( Tar ). It is mixed thoroughly and heated to approximately 300 degrees. It is most important to install the asphalt while it is still hot in order to achieve maximum compaction as well as blending the various “mats ” behind a paver and having them bond together. The stronger “B” and “H” mixes have larger aggregates basically for strength and durability. The mixes, S9.5A and S9.5B, are your surface mixes and have a much smaller aggregate size as well as more sand or screenings for smoothness. A paving project done well should produce a life of +/- 20 years depending on use and how well the surface is maintained. If a lot or street remains dirty even with fine grit over a period of time will experience rapid deterioration. The grit will act as sandpaper and wear the “fines” out of the surface of the mix, exposing the aggregates, and faster wear.

The following are representative pictures of some of the various types and applications of Pavin , Royals has done in recent years.

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