Royals Contracting has been in the milling business since 2003. We bid a project for NCDOT to do the asphalt patchwork on Highway 64 East from the Neuse River to the Knightdale Airport. We had bid the work to be done by sawcutting and excavating the patches with a backhoe. The first night we worked, we discovered 13″ of asphalt and only did 13 tons of patchwork. The second night was basically the same production. We were holding up the resurfacing operation in that we had anticipated doing an average of 50 tons of patching per night. We were in trouble!!

There was only one company that owned a Milling Machine in Raleigh at the time. We worked it out with the owner to rent his machine and operator at night. The first night we produced 150 tons! We averaged this production through the completion of the project. One month later we purchased our first machine. Today we own and maintain a fleet of 5 Milling Machines which range from 36″ – 78″.

Milling Machines are basically used today to mill asphalt. The Asphalt Millings are a very valuable product in that RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product) is recycled back into new asphalt mixes. The machines are mainly used to to remove existing full width streets so resurfacing meets flush to the curb & gutter. Machines are used to do patchwork up to 13″ deep, widen roadways by excavating shoulder material, tie-ins (“butt joints”) at the ends of streets for smoothness, and have the ability to mill concrete to certain depths.

Milling has truly impacted our industry. Productivity, when doing patchwork, have at least tripled. The fact that some millings are so fine, they can immediately be used in recycled asphalt mixes without crushing, hence cutting costs of mix production. The pictures in this section will give you a much better idea of what milling is all about. We continue to learn more and more on a daily basis of ways that Milling Machines can be utilized in the many aspects of our business. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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